The Pararoos launch 'The Centre Circle' community

“This is more than a donation to the Pararoos. When the football family comes together, we can empower all Australians living with disability and give hope to the next generations that they too can achieve their dreams.”

The Pararoos are proud to announce the creation of The Centre Circle community, where you are invited to join a passionate group of monthly supporters invested in the future of our national football team for players with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or symptoms of stroke.

Your support will ensure we can continue to wear the green and gold and play the sport we love.

But this is bigger than football.

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The Centre Circle community is critical to raising the profile of the Pararoos in Australia, but most importantly, to provide sustainable funding for generations to come.

As a member of The Centre Circle, we’ll make you part of the squad with the following:

  • Exclusive opportunities to hear directly from the Pararoos
  • Invitations to join webinars with players and coaching staff
  • Personal stories about the players you’re supporting
  • The chance to be involved in Q&As and online events
  • Exclusive access to breaking news and team announcement

By joining the Centre Circle, we can use the power of football to break down barriers and change the way people think about disability.

Together, we can change the game. How can you join the movement?

When donating on the Pararoos ASF page, simply select “monthly” to become The Centre Circle's newest member.

This is where our journey begins. Join our passionate community of monthly donors supporting the Pararoos and empowering all Australians with disability today.

Watch the video below to find out just how far the Pararoos have come since it all started when a group of young players met in a shed back in 1998, and hear exactly how together, we can change the game.