Midfield, Defender, Goalkeeper Christopher Pyne

  • D.O.B. 3/5/84
  • Born Sydney, NSW



DEBUT: 27/10/1999 v Netherlands



My name is Chris Pyne and I'm one of the two remaining original members and players of the Pararoos since 1998. It is my greatest honour to be a Pararoo, and to wear the green and gold.

When I was young I suffered a brain injury which left me with right side hemiplegia. It was life changing. From then on, sport, in particular football, has been my expressive outlet, physically, mentally and socially.

Being a Pararoo has given me so much more than the unforgettable opportunity to play international football. I've been fortunate enough to be a player for the past 20 years and the impact on my life has been immense. It's given me self confidence, self belief and team mates who I proudly call my family. As the vice captain, I know the difference that being a Pararoo can make.

I have played 95 times for my country. It has made me realise, no goal is too large.

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