Our Story

We are Australia’s National Football Team in international 7-a-side competition for athletes with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or symptoms acquired from stroke. 

In 2015, after the Australian Sports Commission withdrew all government funding, FFA partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to establish a tax-deductible fund to raise money to support our footballing dreams.

We strive to be the sporting example of the proud Australian tradition of a ‘fair go’, demonstrated in how we train, play, and behave on and off the field.

We are a group of young footballers who are honoured pull on the green and gold jersey. We live with the challenges of disability every day and despite the odds, do what we love – play our beautiful game.

Our vision is to play the best in the world, beat the best in the world and be an inspiration to almost one million Australians with similar disabilities. 

We want you to share in our journey towards the 2019 World Cup.

We want you to cheer us on when we take on the best in the world.

We want you to help us inspire thousands of Australians who know the challenges we face every day.

Donate now and join the team.

We stand together. We fight together. We are one.

This is our story. We are the Pararoos.


Anything’s Possible.