CommBank Pararoos draw 1-1 with Thailand in IFCPF Asia Oceania Championship opener

A goal to Daniel Campbell meant that the CommBank Pararoos have begun their IFCPF Asia Oceania Championships campaign with 1-1 draw with Thailand.

The first half was a real tug of war, with neither team creating any real clear-cut opportunities despite the endeavour of the young Australian side.

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Daniel Campbell and Jeremy Boyce were seemingly everywhere in midfield. A Campbell shot in the 5th minute was the best opportunity of the half, but there were Thai defenders in the way to deflect the shot out for a corner.

The Thai defence – particularly a back three of Sirivat Thanachok, Siwadol Katanyutawong, and Phonpipat Nampaksa – were impressive throughout the first half. They sat in a low block when Australia had the ball and made it very difficult to fashion chances.

In goal, Aphiwat Saito put his body on the line on several occasions to keep Australia out. Most notably, on the stroke of half time, his dive to smother the ball prevented Kaylan van Heer from getting a shot off in front of goal.

Whatever was said at half-time by coach Kai Lammert clearly worked, as the deadlock was broken soon after the break. A great run from Boyce into the penalty area led to a rebound that fell to the feet of Daniel Campbell. Campbell did not miss out, a really clever chipped finish leading to the CommBank Pararoos first goal of the tournament.

Thailand came out of their shells after conceding the goal. The first warning shot for the CommBank Pararoos was a wonderful run from Chanatip Deeman that beat several players from inside his own half. His shot was just wide, but Thailand did not stay behind for long.

In the 43rd minute, a free kick taken by Sirivat found Nimitr Kaisakaew at the back post. Barber was out of play after missing his punched clearance, so Kaisakaew just needed to make contact to score the goal. He did so, and Thailand were level.

Connor Bunce came on the pitch for Taj Lynch after Lynch was injured trying to prevent the goal.

The CommBank Pararoos threw everything at the Thai defence after the equaliser. The team in red had now very much settled in a low block and it was a challenge for Australia to break their two banks of defenders down.

However, Thailand held on. A superb defensive effort won them a well-earned point.

It wasn’t the result that the CommBank Pararoos hoped for but attention will now turn to the rest of the tournament. 

Match Details

Australia: 1 (Daniel Campbell 33')
Thailand: 1 (Nimitr Kaisakaew 43')

Australia: 7. David Barber (c), 2. Benjamin John Roche, 3. Kaylan Van Heer, 4. Alessandro La Verghetta, 5. Daniel Campbell, 11. Jeremy Boyce, 13. Taj Lynch (10. Connor Bunce 46').

Substitutes not used: 1. Christian Tsangas, 6. Joshua Beekes, 8. Christian Bitskas, 9. Luc Launder, 12. Benjamin Sutton, 14. Augustine Murphy

Thailand: 1. Aphiwat Saito, 4. Thanachok Sirivat, 5. Attan Tahe (10. Sukhitkun Bunsing 60'), 6. Siwadol Katanyutawong (c), 11. Phonpipat Nampaksa, 12. Chanatip Deeman, 13. Nimitr Kaisakaew (7. Glaharn Nattapong 52').

Substitutes not used: 2. Bannasak Nuepho, 3. Aphiwat Butthaisong, 8. Paisan Saechao, 9. Nattaphon Boonmeema, 14. Tata Anuchit.

2023 IFCPF Asia-Oceania Championships

Match Day 2 
Australia v Iran 
Date: Sunday, 5 November 2023 
Venue: Home of the Matildas (Field 1) 
Kick-Off: 3.30pm AEDT 
Broadcast: SBS On Demand, YouTube (international viewers only)
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Match Day 3 
Australia v Japan 
Date: Wednesday, 8 November 2023 
Venue: Home of the Matildas (Field 1) 
Kick-Off: 6.45pm AEDT 
Broadcast: SBS On Demand, YouTube (international viewers only)
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Match Day 4 
India v Australia
Date: Thursday, 9 November 2023 
Venue: Home of the Matildas (Field 1) 
Kick-Off: 5pm AEDT 
Broadcast: SBS On Demand, YouTube (international viewers only)
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