Gallant Pararoos fall to Iran

The Pararoos have fallen 4-0 to Iran in what was a gallant display against the world's No.2 ranked team.

The Pararoos have fallen to Iran in what was a gallant display against the world's No.2 ranked team.

It was always going to be a tough opening match for the young Aussies coming up against Iran, but the enthusiasm and character of the Pararoos was a dominant feature of the match.

Unfortunately, their enthusiasm wasn-t enough to stop the Iranians scoring after just four minute. Unshaken, Australia scrambled and defended well keeping the deficit to one goal for most of the first half.

Iran-s crisp, accurate passing in and around the box has always been a dominant feature of their game, but the Aussies worked hard to spoil this, sometimes frustrating their opponents.

Morteza Heidari was a constant threat for Iran, his darting runs in and around the box causing havoc, but the Pararoos did well to contain him, closing him down quickly and not allowing him to turn.

Debutant goalkeeper, Chris Barty, led from the back and organised well. Barty kept the difference to only one with some great saves from shots inside the box.

Finally, The Iranians broke through again after a pass back and low long range shot from Hashem Rastegarimobin early in the second half.

Michael Debenham was a standout as was Ben Atkins from NSW who linked up well with Jack Williams and David Barber.

Debenham, in his first cap for the Pararoos, made some good attacking runs down the left side and showed that he was not in awe of the situation.

The Pararoos gained possession frequently and managed to string some good passes together, but the tight nature of the Iranian defence made it difficult to cracj them and the young Australians at times faltered under the pressure.

A good ball from Barber to Atkins to Pyne down the left side was possibly the best play of the first half by the Aussies, but it was snuffed out by the speed of the Iranian backs, who then counter-attacked quickly.

Only a speedy recovery by Barber and Williams and a great save by Barty denied the Iranians at the 25th Minute of the second half.

Tow ards the end of the match the Aussies managed to hold onto more possession in the Iranian third and substitute James Turner‘s shot was deflected by the Iranian keeper for a corner.

Young Connor Marsh from NSW was unlucky in the dying moments just shooting wide of the net to allow the Iranian keeper a clean sheet.

The Pararoos will play the Republic of Korea.

Iran 4 Australia 0

Starting Line Up for Australia GK Chris Barty 2 Connor Marsh 3 Jack Williams 4 Michael Debenhan 6 Chris Pyne 7 David Barber 9 Ben Atkins


8 Brett Fairhall 30th Minute (out: Jack Williams) 11 James Turner 45th Minute (out: Chris Pyne) 5 Ryan Kinner 55th Minute (out: David Barber)