The importance of playing on home soil

For many Australian footballers, it always seems a dream come true to get an overseas, European opportunity to play football.

However, for our Pararoos, it is now – more so than ever - the complete opposite.

It has been 19 years since the Pararoos last played a game on home turf and – for most of the team – this is an extraordinary opportunity to do something they have never done before.

“For me personally, it’s something I have been dreaming about for a really long time”

The notion of passion is clearly something that really resonates with the Pararoos captain, David Barber, as he cannot wait for the chance to play in front of a home crowd. 

For the skipper, it’s about having your friends and family watching you in person, as opposed to the live streaming efforts that have occurred for so many years.

It really is a dream come true for David, and most of his teammates, as finally they can put on a show – in person – for those fans that value them most.

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“We haven’t had an opportunity to play in front of a home crowd before… I’ve spent 44 hours in transit to play in the Ukraine, but I haven’t had the opportunity to pop down to the local park and play in front of our home crowd."

For the Pararoos goalkeeper, Chris Barty, the general idea of being able to play in his local country, in front of his local fans, is just something truly unimaginable.

Barty has been just about everywhere when it comes to playing football around the world but the opportunity for him to play on his home turf is not only a reward for all the players, but for the fans as well.

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“I’m one of two players to ever play in front of a home crowd in 2,000… It’s been a while; it’s been too long” 

And for the team’s vice captain, Chris Pyne, he’s lucky enough to have played for the green and gold in Australia before.

For Pyne, having that opportunity again would simply be awesome, not only for himself, but for his young family who have dreamed of seeing him play on home soil.

The impact of this game will not just be for Pyne and his family, but also for the young, up and coming Pararoos.

For them, to see what they can strive for in life and to understand what it truly means to don the green and gold outlines the exact importance for the Pararoos to finally be returning to play on home soil after 19 long years. 

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“I’ve never done it before [played in front of my parents in green and gold] ”

The very prospect of putting on his nation’s colours to play for his country, in his home, is exactly what Taj Lynch has dreamt about for years now.

It would really be an incredible opportunity for Lynch, whose parents have only ever watched him at national level.

Not only to play in front of his parents, but to play in front of Australia is what excites the young, up and coming Pararoos prospect.

Kick-off is at 5.30pm AEDT with tickets on sale now at

Pararoos v Canada

Date: Saturday, 30 November 2019
Venue: Cromer Park (South Creek Road, Cromer, NSW)
Kick-off: 5.30pm AEDT
Tickets: Tickets on sale now via (100 per cent of ticket sales invested back into the Pararoos) 

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